Health & Wellness Coach Accredited Trainings

A Healthful Diet for Children

Brenda Davis, RD

Learn the adequacy and safety of plant-exclusive diets for children at various stages of growth and how to avoid nutrition shortfalls.

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A Unifying Theory of Lifestyle Medicine

Dean Ornish, MD

Learn how to use lifestyle medicine to prevent, treat, and reverse disease.

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Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Survival

Shireen Kassam, MD, PhD

Review the role of diet and nutrition for cancer prevention, treatment and survival.

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Nutrition for Diabetes

Caroline Trapp, DNP, ANP-BC, CDCES, DipACLM, FAANP

Review the evidence on the effects of plant-based diets for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes and effects on insulin resistance and beta-cell function

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Nutrition, Ethnicity, and Cardiovascular Mortality

Kim A. Williams, Sr, MD, MACC, FAHA, MASNC, FESC

Understand the ways in which poor nutrition promotes and accentuates health inequities and ethnic disparities and learn about the benefits of plant-based diets to reduce cardiovascular risk factors.

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Weight Management: A Healthful Approach

Lilian Correa, RDN, MPH, DipACLM

Review prominent dietary approaches to weight management and discuss the evidence supporting plant-based dietary patterns for weight management.

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